My policy & copyright.


My policy

At least in places where I have control, my show exhibition prohibits the entry of the following people:  Discriminant.  Person who violates human rights.  A person who despises human dignity.  Those who deny freedom.  A person who attempts to restrict freedom of expression. A person who distinguishes life and despises.  Those who do not hesitate to murder for greater benefit.  A person who kills the mind and body of others without hesitation. Historical Revisionists without Academic Revisionism. Someone who intentionally infringes copyright or trademark right. A person who suppresses the emotions of others. Those who make fake news or shake the emotion unnecessarily with falsehood. "I do not agree to divide human relations between society and human beings. Human relations are an integral part of life relaying and that is why society is beautiful." Those who break this beauty. Those who seriously hurt my family and my friends.

A person who can not pay reasonable respect for others, Faith, religion, race, culture, society, non-human creatures, etc. Regardless of who you are, it is necessary to respect it, as human beings it is essential.


As an artist, I do an expression activity in photography, take a picture, and publish my work as a photographer. I am proud to be able to challenge the possibility of enriching a part of your life who saw it by presenting my work. Still, I can not become yourself, change with you, or act solely to fulfill your wishes. No matter who you are, in any life, even if you have great achievements, don’t ask me a lot.  I am walking on my way now.  This is not your way.

This limitation is also true for SNS & My all contents.  My work is not suitable for those who fall under these items.

My copyright.

Not complying with the laws of Japan, not contracting with me, violating my copyright, using copyrighted work, as a royalty for the act as a non-contractual regular fee per one case uniformly  Charge 750,000 yen in Japanese yen.

The exception is only in the following cases.  In the case of SNS, if it is the range of private use by satisfying the name display right, it does not need the 〝quotation requirement〟 in the range that Japanese law requires.  However, the purpose of earning excessive advertising income and the purpose of acquiring followers using content is the scope of commercial use, so a contract with me is required.  If it violates, it is necessary to pay the charge of 750,000 yen.

I recommend instead of SNS iD for my copyright notice, but in principle there is no problem.

Some content is displayed according to the Creative Commons license, but if it holds the copyright of the full spec as a matter of matter of content in principle, it will require payment of 750,000 yen for the violation.

In principle, a contract for the use of content is required to use the work.  Contract at the market price.

The contract is invalid if it violates my policy.  A penalty fee equal to the contract fee is required.

The latest terms apply at the time of billing.  In any case, Japanese rights will take precedence.

For using my content without a contract contrary to my policy, I will charge up to ¥ 1 500,000 per case.  Because the part of the policy notation is my own disgust, I do not like them.  I protect my content.



 少なくとも私が管理できる場所では、私の展示会は以下の人々の参加を禁止しています。 人権を侵害する人。 人間の尊厳を軽んじる人。 自由を否定する人。 表現の自由を制限しようとする人。 命を区別し、何かを軽んじる人。 より大きな利益の為に殺人を厭わない人。 躊躇うことなく他人の心身を殺す人。 学術的修正主義のない歴史的修正主義者。 意図的に著作権または商標権を侵害している人。 他人の感情を抑制する人。 フェイクニュースを作り、または不必要に虚偽を用いて感情を揺さぶる者。「私は、社会と人間、個々人の人間関係を分断する事に賛成しません。人間関係は命のリレーには不可欠な事でそれは社会が美しい理由です。」この美しさを壊す者。私の家族と私の友人をひどく傷つけた人たち。




この制限はSNSと私の全てのコンテンツにも当てはまります。 私の仕事はこれらの項目に該当する人々には適していません。



例外は次の場合だけです。  SNSの場合、氏名表示権を満たす事で私的使用の範囲であれば、日本の法律が定める範囲内での「引用要件」は不要です。 しかし、過剰な広告収入を稼ぐ目的とコンテンツを使ってフォロワーを獲得する目的は商業的利用の範囲である為、私との契約が必要です。 違反した場合、75万円の料金を支払う必要があります。

著作権表示にSNS iDではなく をお勧めしますが、原則として問題はありません。


原則として、作品を利用するにはコンテンツ利用の契約が必要です。 市場価格での契約です。


請求時に最新の条件が適用されます。 いずれにせよ、日本語表記の権利が優先されます。